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LipoLab - A new generation anti body fat control product. Quickly, efficiently, without a recovery period and without surgery, it helps to get rid of fat and cellulite in the face, chest, arms, legs, abdomen and buttocks. Due to the action of natural components called phosphatidylcholine and deoxycholate, subcutaneous fat is converted into a liquid emulsion and excreted naturally from the body. The drug helps to restore the beautiful shape of the face and body, as well as significantly improve the condition of the skin, removing tubercles, bumps and roughness.

LipoLab is a product of melting of the subcutaneous fat.

The subcutaneous fat and is not intended to melt with LIPOSTABIL. LIPO LAB PPC is a good product is safe and effective. The subcutaneous fat to melt LIPO LAB PPC is done at 14~15 days interval.

Lipo Lab has been developed in order to care the body more easily and quickly by selecting raw materials made in Germany which is known for safety, effectiveness and the best purity of 99.8% and by setting it to be used in hospitals and clinics.

How to Use:

  1. Shake vials well to mix the deposited particles on the bottom.
  2. In case of abdomen/waist, 0.15~0.2cc on a spot and move to next half an inch or a centimeter distant.
  3. By doing so, you will consume a total of PPC 1~3 vials at a treatment depending on obesity degree and you are recommended to repeat this treatment 2~3 times at 15 days' interval, which will lead a patient to consume 1~2 boxes to complete a whole process of treatments.
  4. This whole process will end up with reduction of 4~6 inches.
  5.  In case of other parts such as fatty armpit, upper arm and thigh, you are required to adjust(mostly diminish) quantity according to the obesity degree of the part to be used.


Lipo Lab PPC Solution is contraindicated in:

  • Epileptic seizures
  • Allergies to lipolytic components
  • Eczema, herpes, other inflammation of the skin
  • Autoimmune and somatic diseases
  • Pregnancy, the lactation period
  • The presence of malignant tumors
  • Minor age


Main Raw Material:

 1. Phosphatidylcholine: purity 99.8% Made in Germany

 2. Sodium Deoxycholate: purity 98% Made in Japan

 3. Five peptide components including hexapeptide


Packing :

 1kit of 10ml x 10 vial(ampoule)

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